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We, proudly presents India’s leading eCommerce selling platforms launched start of the year 2015.

It mainly concentrates on Products which are inevitable for day to day life.

Unlike Amazon,Snapdeal We targeted towards the specific industrial/Tools/Security valued products promoting them to intended audiences (Customers) to buy from you via our proud

Largest Multi-Brand e- Store that aims to provide good quality branded products.

We have also been working closely with a network of quality suppliers and reputed brand manufacturers to provide a effective solutions to the customer requirements also to enhance B2B growth with the manufactures. provides sellers with an online sales channel to make products available to millions of customers across India and increase their awareness about product range offered.

We believe in Win-Win Business relation with our sellers by providing effective & economic solutions.

We operate as your online trading partner where we list and market your products online. Upon receiving orders from customers for your products we procure from you and ship it to the end customer. We don't charge you extra for the services (Listing, Marketing, Payment processing, Packaging and Shipping) however we sell your products to the customer at a margin to cover such costs & agreed commission will be explained further.

  • No Listing/Registration fee: there is no listing fee applied. 
  • We list and maintain your product listing for free.
  • Secure Payment Systems has been configured and protected with SSL (https) which yields the trust between the end users. All types of Payments (Credit, Debit, Netbanking ,COD) allowed in
  • Promotional Works: We will run Google Ad program for your product with our budget. We will do SEO for your product page and promote your product to all Over INDIA communities, forums and social media platforms. You will be receiving sales all over from India.
  • One page Check-out: Our designed with one page check out module (which is an unique feature of our site than Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal) it makes our Customer ease of use when placing an Order in our site without any hurdle in turn brought you the more number of sales.
  • List unlimited number of products. MechBazaar arrange shipping all over India.  
  • 24x7 sales channel. 
  • Sell all across India without physical distribution system.
All the above processes are free of cost, we charge you the agreed service fee when you get an order and the payment is received from customer.

To be a registered supplier on, contact us @ 07401-073-510 or write us @


Step 1. List Your Products on
Contact our representatives at our help line number and they will help you with registration and listing your products with Product Listing and Inventory Management will be taken care by our team.

Step 2. Customers View Your Products on
Once your products get listed, customers can see your product catalogue, features and technical differentiators you wish to highlight and easily compare products and prices online.

Step 3. Customers Buy Your Products
MechBazaar makes buying your product easy with user friendly web interface, secure payment infrastructure and 24x7 availability for quickest purchases.

Step 4. MechBazaar Delivers Products to Customers
MechBazaar team will pick & ship the goods from your warehouse, once you receive the order details, you need to get the order package ready and our shipping partner will pick the order from your warehouse and deliver it to the customer.

Step 5. You Receive Payment from MechBazaar
Payment for the order is deposited into your bank account, as per the payment cycle after deducting applicable service fee.


Fulfillment by MechBazaar Models
  • Shipping by MechBazaar
    You pack the product as per our guidelines and MechBazaar's shipping partner picks the package from your warehouse and delivers it to the customer.

Benefits of FBM (Fulfillment by MechBazaar Models)
We will offer you support from order receipt to delivery, covering product pick-up, shipping, shipment tracking and payment collection. Best of all, MechBazaar helps you expand your business and reach customers nationwide like never before!
  • Concentrate on your core business
    We will take care of your inventory and deliveries, saving you precious time and money that you can spend on growing your business
  • Expand without any growing pains
    Our infrastructure will allow you to grow your sales and operations exponentially without investments in capital or manpower. Further, we constantly innovate on technology and business for operational efficiency
  • Cash on Delivery options
    With the growing popularity of COD in India, we offer your customers the option of paying by cash on delivery.

  • What is Fulfillment by MechBazaar (FBM) Service?
    Fulfillment by MechBazaar (FBM) is a service provided by MechBazaar to deliver orders to customers, provide customer service and handle returns.
  • Can I sell my products in India only or outside India too?
    You can sell products in India only. Currently, MechBazaar does not have a provision to sell internationally.
  • For what products I can use FBM?
    We are inviting sellers from all Mechanical and Hardware categories .
  • Is there any minimum number of items required to use FBM?
    There are no minimum requirements on the number of products to use FBM.
  • Do I need to sell on MechBazaar to use FBM?
    Yes. To use FBM you have to register as a seller on
  • How will you bill me for Fulfillment by MechBazaar?
    Charges for fulfillment services are included in the After Sales fee. No additional charge is applicable.
  • Who will handle customer service?
    MechBazaar will handle customer service for all sellers.
  • Who will handle the installation, maintenance and repairs (all after-sales services)?
    MechBazaar is not responsible for any installation, maintenance and repairs of the products sold via MechBazaar does not provide any after-sales services.
  • Who will handle customer returns?
    MechBazaar will handle customer returns. Please refer to the Cancellation & Returns Policy for more information.
  • How will customer refunds happen?
    We refund to the customer and charge the same to your account.
  • How should I pack products for shipment by you?
    Products should be packed as per the MechBazaar's packaging guidelines shared with you via email after registration completion.
Contact us to register as a seller today.